Specification : Cat 6, 3m

Summary :

Panduit Patch Cords Cat 6, 3 meter

Description :


Patch Cords –

Designed to Maximize Network Performance



With the countless ways your business depends on your network,

it is critical to make the proper investment in patch cords. Cost “savings”

by using off-brand patch cords is a false economy and creates a weak link

in your network.

The performance of your switch and computer is most influenced by noise

generated in the area of the channel closest to the active equipment. This is where

patch cords are located and where quality should never be compromised by using

off-brand patch cords.

Be certain the patch cords you install match the quality and performance of your entire



patch cords are matched with our jack modules, horizontal cable, and patch

panels to complete the end-to-end system. Matching ensures tuned channel performance with

increased bandwidth to keep your business running smoothly.

World-Class Quality and Superior Value


patch cords

are precisely tuned to our jack modules to ensure

consistent mated performance and proper cancellation

of connector cross talk for the best channel


Off-brand patch cords have a high

degree of plug variability, which leads to degradation

of channel performance.

World-Class Design


patch cords feature

patented tangle-free latches, rugged jackets, strain

relief boots and gold plating for long-term reliability.

Off-brand patch cords can tangle and break the

latches, kink, have jacket separation and

have discontinuities.

Certified Performance

– Every


patch cord is

tested with a network tester to ensure performance out

of the box and is labeled with a quality control number.

Do not risk initial and long-term network performance

by using untested, low quality patch cords.


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